Brady Sluder

Brady Sluder

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What was the Accusation?

During the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, 22-two-year-old Brady Sluder of Milford, Ohio came to represent the face of a generation of young people standing in defiance of social distancing orders.  With most states recommending limited travel, businesses shuttering their doors, and schools moving online in order to curb the spread, thousands of spring breakers descended upon Florida beaches unconcerned about the potential risks.  When a YouTube video of Sluder went viral, his cavalier attitude frightened more socially conscious citizens. In the video, Sluder is asked about the risks associated with his travel.  He responds: “If I get corona, I get corona.  At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.  You know, I’ve been waiting, we’ve been waiting for Miami spring break for a while…about two months we’ve had this trip planned…two three months, and we’re just out here having a good time. Whatever happens, happens.” After seeing his face all over the web, Sluder felt remorse for his comments and issued an apology via his Instagram page.  In his post, he expresses deep remorse for his behavior, makes no excuses for his words, and attempts to encourage others to take the threat of coronavirus more seriously.

Key Apologia Strategies:

Mortification, Corrective Action, Bolstering, Defeasibility



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