Corporate Apologia


AccusedAccusationYear of Apologia
AT&TPower outage in New York City1991
Bernard MadoffPonzi scheme with investors2009
Dow Chemical CompanyDeveloping napalm during Vietnam1968
Jack in the BoxE-coli deaths resulting from contaminated meat1993
JetBlue AirwaysGrounding of flights for six days due to ice storm at JFK2007
ToyotaRecall of automobiles2010
ExxonExxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound that caused irreparable environmental damage.1989
New York TimesFalse information about ACORN2010
Domino's PizzaEmployees contaminating pizza in YouTube video2009
StarbucksEmployees charged 9/11 rescue workers for water2001
Johnson & JohnsonCyanide poisoning in Tylenol Extra-Strength capsules killed 7 Chicagoans.1982
Union CarbideGas leak in Bhopal, India, that killed 19,000 and affected 500,000 more1984
WalmartWebsite recommends that buyers of the Planet of the Apes video might also be interested in a Martin Luther King Jr. video2006
Michael Lynton, CEO, Sony EntertainmentCaving to North Korean demands to stop the release of the film The Interview2015
Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal, Sony PicturesSony hack released emails attacking Angelina Jolie2014
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries overheating and catching on fire2017
Applebee'sServing alcohol to 15-month-old in an apple juice cup.2011
NetflixSplitting up Netflix combined streaming/DVD mail package and charging separately for each2011
Taco BellLawsuit claiming that Taco Bell's beef is only 36% real beef2011
Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayUnsafe track conditions at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that resulted in crash and death of Dan Wheldon2011
Best BuyOvercharging for bottled water after Hurricane Harvey hits Houston2017
EquifaxCybersecurity breach that exposed personal data of 143 million Americans2017
Harvey WeinsteinSexually harassing women for nearly three decades.2017
MoviePass Outage of its service from lack of funds2018
Salt City Tattoo"Rape Kit" as white elephant gift at Christmas Party2017
The Mayo ClinicFor its founder desecrating the body of Native American "Cut Nose"2018
Eric Yuan, CEO of ZoomSecurity breaches in Zoom video conferencing platform2020
McDonald’s (China)Posting a sign disallowing black people from entering restaurant2020
Kentucky Fried Chicken (United Kingdom)Chicken shortage in the U.K. due to a change in its supplier.2018
hatWRKSSelling patches with a yellow Star of David and the text "not vaccinated" following push for Covid-19 vaccinations2021
St. Johns County School DistrictDigitally altering yearbook photos to make girls more modestly dressed2021