Political Apologia


AccusedAccusationYear of Apologia
Alan GraysonSaying the Republicans' health care plan is for people "not to get sick" or if they do, "to die quickly"2009
Anthony WeinerLewd Sexting Scandal2011
Barack ObamaComments about police after black scholar was treated as a robber2009
Barney FrankProstitution ring run out of his apartment1989
Bill ClintonU.S. government not providing aid during Rwandan genocide1998
Bill ClintonTuskegee syphilis study1997
Bill ClintonWorld War II internment camps1993
Bill ClintonAffair with Monica Lewinsky1998
Bill ClintonNot doing enough to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden2006
Bob PackwoodSexual harassment of various women1992
Christopher LeePosting shirtless photos of himself on Craigslist2011
Dan QuayleMisspelling "potato" during visit to elementary school1995
Dan QuayleSaying the T.V. show Murphy Brown exhibited poor family values2001
David VitterD.C. Madam scandal2007
Dick ArmeyReferring to Barney Frank as "Barney fag"1995
Eliot SpitzerLinked to prostitution ring2008
Gary ConditSuspected in the disappearance of a congressional intern2001
Gary HartAffair with Donna Rice1987
Gerald FordDebate gaffe in which he claimed there was no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe1989
Harry ReidSaying Obama was "light-skinned" and had "no negro dialect"2010
Jack AbramoffMail fraud and tax evasion2006
Jesse JacksonSaying he wanted to "cut Obama's nuts off"2008
Joe BidenSaying Obama is the first mainstream African-American that is "articulate, bright, clean, and a nice looking guy"2007
Joe WilsonYelling "you lie" during Obama speech2009
John EdwardsExtra-marital affair while wife had cancer2008
John KerryTelling students if they didn't work hard, they would get stuck in Iraq2006
John McCainCanceling appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman during his presidential campaign2008
Larry CraigSoliciting sex from police officer in an adjacent bathroom stall at the Minneapolis airport2007
Marion BarryArrest for cocaine possession1990
Mark FoleySexually explicit conversations with a young male congressional page2006
Mark SanfordAffair with Argentinian mistress2009
Richard NixonBreak-in at the Watergate hotel1974
Richard NixonSecret slush fund1953
Robert HanssenSpying for the Russians2002
Robert S. MuellerAbusing the Patriot Act to gather information on American citizens2007
Rod BlagojevichAttempting to sell Obama's vacant senate seat2009
Ronald ReaganIran Contra scandal1987
Ted KennedyChappaquiddick incident1969
Tom CoburnAccusing NBC of promoting gratuitous sex and violence in airing Schindler's List1997
Trent LottSegregation comment at Strom Thurmond's birthday celebration2002
Ben CarsonComments on Meet the Press About Not Supporting a Muslim for President2015
Donald TrumpVideotape of him saying he can do whatever he wants to women2016
Donald Trump Describing debate moderator Megyn Kelly's aggressive style as "she had blood coming out of her wherever."2015
Donald TrumpSaying POW John McCain isn't a war hero because he was captured 2015
Donald TrumpArguing there were "many sides" in the tragedy of white nationalist who ran down a group of protestors2017
Hillary ClintonWiping her personal email server clean that may have contained classified government documents2017
Maria Chappelle-NadalWriting in a Facebook Post "I hope Trump is assassinated!"2017
Tim MurphyEncouraging mistress to have abortion in spite of his history of being pro-life.2017
Tom PriceCosting the taxpayers $400,000 by taking private charter flights.2017
Paul GosarAttacked by siblings for failing the people of Arizona as Congressman. 2018
Brett KavanaughGroping one woman at a party and exposing himself to another.2018
Ted CruzFlying to Cancun during winter power outage in Texas.2021
Justin TrudeauShowing up to a costume party in brownface2019
Katie HillInappropriate relationship with male and female congressional staffers2019
Lamar ThorpePrejudice against Chinese living in Antioch, California2021