Celebrity Apologia

AccusedAccusationYear of Apologia
Arnold SchwarzeneggerGroping women on movie sets2003
Chris BrownDomestic assault on Rihanna2009
Christian BaleProfane tirade on set of Terminator Salvation2009
Christina AguileraMessing up the lyrics to the national anthem during the Super Bowl2011
David LettermanComments about Sarah Palin's daughter being impregnated by the New York Yankees2009
David LettermanSexual relations with Late Show interns2009
The Dixie ChicksSaying on stage in London that they were ashamed President Bush was from Texas2003
Dr. DreBeating up TV personality Dee Barnes1991
Hugh GrantCheating on his girlfriend with a prostitute1995
Jane FondaPosing for pictures in Hanoi behind a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun1988
Janet JacksonWardrobe malfunction incident at the Super Bowl2004
Kanye WestGrabbing microphone from Taylor Swift at the video music awards2009
Martha StewartInsider stock trading2004
Mel GibsonAnti-Semitic tirade on Malibu Highway2006
Michael JacksonDangling baby off balcony2002
Milli VanilliLip syncing hit "Girl You Know it's True" on platinum album1990
Richard GereKissing Bollywood actress on the face at HIV/AIDS awareness event in India2007
Steve IrwinFeeding crocodile while holding his one month old baby2004
Kathy GriffinPosed in photo shoot with fake, bloody decapitated Donald Trump head2017
Michael RichardsRacist rant at comedy club in Hollywood2006
Paula DeanLawsuit claiming she frequently used the "N" word with employees at her restaurant2013
Kevin HartSexually suggestive video of him with a woman who was not his wife, which later was used to try and extort money from him2017
Kevin SpaceySexual advances toward 14-year-old actor, Anthony Rapp2017
Josh HommeKicking a photographer in the face while performing at concert.2017
Brad PittHomes he built after Hurricane Katrina deteriorating2018
Shane BlackCasting his sex offender friend in The Predator.2018
Norm MacDonaldSaying Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr had experienced as much pain as victims of assault2018
Laura LeeTweeting that Blacks should pull up their pants so they can run faster from the police.2018
Michelle RodriguezSaying Liam Neeson can't be a racist because he kissed Viola Davis in the film Widows2019
Seth RogenProduction team on one of his films used makeup to darken the skin of a stand-in actor2018
Justin TimberlakeBeing treated differently than his female contemporaries two decades prior.2021
Felicity HuffmanCheating scandal to boost daughter's SAT score.2019
Ryan AdamsSexually exploiting aspiring female musicians.2020
Ellen DeGeneresCreating a toxic work environment2020
Logan PaulFilming a suicide victim's hanging body for his YouTube channel subscribers2019
Chrissy TeigenCyberbullying TV Personality Courtney Stodden.2021
Phylicia RashadTweeting support for accused rapist Bill Cosby after his release on a technicality2021
Drew BarrymoreRunning her television show during the WGA writers strike.2023
LizzoBody shaming, religious harassment, sexual harassment, and lewd behavior.2023