Lay Citizen Apologia

Accused AccusationYear of Apologia
Ashley DupreSleeping with New York governor Eliot Spitzer2008
"Balloon Boy" ParentsDeceiving the public by claiming their boy had been carried away in a balloon2009
Daryl GatesRodney King beating1991
Eric Harris and Dylan KleiboldStatements prior to murder/suicide at Columbine High School1999
Harry WhittingtonBeing shot in the face by Vice-President Dick Cheney2006
Lawrence SummersTelling students that women are less innately gifted than men at math and science2005
Lee Boyd MalvoSniper shooting rampage in Washington D.C.2010
Mark FuhrmanRepeated use of the "n" word in taped conversations which were played at the O.J. Simpson trial1996
Mike NifongPressing charges against three Duke Lacrosse players for rape even though he knew they were innocent2007
Steve BartmanInterfering with a play at the Chicago Cubs game2003
Melissa ClickExpelling student journalist from a protest on campus2015
Adam and EveEating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evilA long time ago
Will SkeltonCreating sexist dress code video for high school students.2018
Megan NeelySuggesting Duke University Chinese students speak English2019
Brady SluderViolating social distancing recommendations by partying at Spring Break during coronavirus.2020