Steve Bartman

What was the accusation?

In October 2003, during Game 6 of the National League (Baseball) Championship Series, Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman unwittingly deflected a foul ball from being potentially caught by Cubs outfielder Moises Alou, leading to the Cubs’ loss (and a tied series) going into Game 7. Mortified by his faux pas, which drew ire and threats from other Cubs fans, Bartman quickly issued a public statement through his brother apologizing to Moises Alou, the Chicago Cubs organization, Ron Santo [former Cubs player], Ernie Banks [former Cubs player], and Cub fans everywhere for his thoughtless action.  

Key Apologia Strategies:

Defeasibility, Mortification, Attack the Accuser




There are few words to describe how awful I feel and what I have experienced within these last 24 hours.

I’ve been a Cub fan all my life and fully understand the relationship between my actions and the outcome of the game. I had my eyes glued on the approaching ball the entire time and was so caught up in the moment that I did not even see Moises Alou, much less that he may have had a play.

Had I thought for one second that the ball was playable or had I seen Alou approaching I would have done whatever I could to get out of the way and give Alou a chance to make the catch.

To Moises Alou, the Chicago Cubs organization, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Cub fans everywhere I am so truly sorry from the bottom of this Cubs fan’s broken heart.

I ask that Cub fans everywhere redirect the negative energy that has been vented towards my family, my friends, and myself into the usual positive support for our beloved team on their way to being National League champs.


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