Stephen Glass

What was the accusation?

In 1998, New Republic associate editor Stephen Glass wrote a colorful piece for the magazine entitled “Hack Heaven,” which chronicled one teenage hacker’s exploits against a major software company. While an intriguing story, it was soon determined by Forbes Digital Tool (now to be an unverifiable, even fallacious, report. New Republic editor Charles Lane eventually reached the same determination and subsequently terminated Glass from the publication. Additional scrutiny by The New Republic uncovered a protracted pattern of journalistic deceit on Glass’s part, in which he had “completely fabricated six articles and had manufactured material in parts of 21 other articles.” Five years later, in 2003, Glass sat for an interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft and expressed mortification for his gross misconduct. It was Glass’s first interview since the end of his journalism career.  

Key Apologia Strategies:






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