Hugh Grant

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What was the accusation?

On June 27, 1995, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested film actor Hugh Grant for engaging in lewd conduct in public with a Hollywood prostitute named Divine Brown. Shortly after his release from custody, Grant, who was in California to promote his most recent movie, Nine Months, issued a public statement apologizing for his actions. Grant would later express further mortification during his highly-rated primetime interview on The Tonight Show with host Jay Leno. 

Key Apologia Strategies:




Formal public statement:

Last night I did something completely insane. I have hurt people I love and embarrassed people I work with. For both things I am more sorry than I can ever possibly say.

Mea culpa on The Tonight Show:

The thing is people give me tons of ideas on this one. I keep reading new, you know, psychological theories and stuff like that that I was under pressure, or I was overtired, or I was lonely, or I fell down the stairs when I was a child, or whatever. But I I think that would be bollocks to hide behind something like that. I think you know in life pretty much what’s a good thing to do and what’s a bad thing, and I did a bad thing. There you have it.


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